Why so serious?

Sometimes I get in the habit of taking life, and everything in it, a little too seriously.

I like to push myself, and push others so that I can see results and get to where I want to be. Reaching my goals, and helping others reach theirs is very important to me. And I like to be organized.

Generally, this approach works quite well. I push nicely, but firmly. And gradually, the desired result is achieved. But sometimes I push too hard, or too fast. And sometimes I take it all a little too seriously.

Nobody is perfect. And total perfection is in my mind both unattainable and undesirable. You can’t please everyone. Perfection comes in pieces, and these pieces are “you-nique” -true perfection is defined by you. And it is these individual twists that make life so much more interesting. People are subjective. One size does not fit all.

Still, sometimes I get caught up in trying to be super woman. I literally lose myself, forget to take that proverbial breath.

Today, after having been missing for several days, I am happy to report that I have once again found myself, safe and sound 🙂

Thank you to Mr. Howard Shore, Ms. Jane Austen, and my little sis for a very restorative and enjoyable day! A little R&R does wonders.

Remember to breathe my friends!



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