Monthly Archives: December 2013

Why so serious?

Sometimes I get in the habit of taking life, and everything in it, a little too seriously.

I like to push myself, and push others so that I can see results and get to where I want to be. Reaching my goals, and helping others reach theirs is very important to me. And I like to be organized.

Generally, this approach works quite well. I push nicely, but firmly. And gradually, the desired result is achieved. But sometimes I push too hard, or too fast. And sometimes I take it all a little too seriously.

Nobody is perfect. And total perfection is in my mind both unattainable and undesirable. You can’t please everyone. Perfection comes in pieces, and these pieces are “you-nique” -true perfection is defined by you. And it is these individual twists that make life so much more interesting. People are subjective. One size does not fit all.

Still, sometimes I get caught up in trying to be super woman. I literally lose myself, forget to take that proverbial breath.

Today, after having been missing for several days, I am happy to report that I have once again found myself, safe and sound 🙂

Thank you to Mr. Howard Shore, Ms. Jane Austen, and my little sis for a very restorative and enjoyable day! A little R&R does wonders.

Remember to breathe my friends!



Friday the 13th

Well maybe this wasn’t the best day to begin developing a space for myself on the web!

Superstitions aside, I am very happy to have begun the process, and hope that within the coming weeks I will be able to grow the site’s content and reach.

There are so many different kinds of people looking for so many different pieces of information in so many different ways…

This site is my attempt to re-connect with myself, and the world.

Welcome to “Sami Central” 🙂

Thank you for visiting.